Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a relatively new term which came about as a result of our ever-changing lifestyles.

With laptops, tablets, and smartphones, lit screens are often the last thing we see before sleeping, even if it’s simply to set the alarm on our phone.

Ask yourself, does my phone/tablet/laptop have to be right next to my head when I sleep? Can I make do with an old-fashioned radio/alarm?

If you must have your phone in the bedroom, consider the following:

  • -Turn the phone off or into flight mode overnight
  • -Put it as far away as possible from the body
  • -If possible, do not use the charging cable
  • -If you are still actively using the mobile phone just before sleeping, it is advisable to install a "blue filter" app (for example, F.Lux, Twillight). This filters out the blue color of the display to prevent chemical processes from overloading in the brain. Since the normal display light temperature of laptops and tablets is equal to the light temperature of smartphones, our brain receives a false signal that "it is day" in the middle of the night. This leads to a chemical process in the brain in which substances are released which we need in the wake state, which at the same time significantly impairs a restful deep sleep phase.