Irradiation or chemotherapy is administered according to a very strict plan because the effect can be otherwise unsuccessful. So why should a much more gentle path to healing be treated any differently?

One thing to be aware of is that when you choose a natural path to healing, this method is difficult because there are many things you must to do without. The classic medical treatment is harsh on the body, and the exogenous administration of poisonous tablets and infusions ends up poisoning good and bad cells. With natural healing, however, the goal is to strengthen the body in places where it no longer functions properly so that it can heal itself from within.


Just as with therapy where different drugs are combined, there is also not simply one “magic solution” as a key to success with natural healing. Each component is vital, each serving a different and important purpose, so that when one part is left out, it can affect the outcome.


The number of people who have heard of effective alternatives to counteract cancer (and many other diseases) is very low. Also - or perhaps especially - in the medical community. This is why, from the start, I was called a crazy person who would simply be wasting my own time waiting for a lie to work. So I limited my communication to the doctor/professor in Bonn who was willing to listen and ready to help.

Since then I have spent many hours studying biochemical processes and the logic behind the workings of every single cellular building block. This is done so I can better confront Western-educated medical professionals with scientific facts and not simply ideas or opinions. The more I deal with this topic, the more I learn and keep myself informed, the more exciting I find the connections and possibilities.

The thought that it is possible to influence in which direction my disease develops, (especially from the beginning) is supremely encouraging.

Today, this routine gives me a tremendous amount of security and is the reason that I do not fear regular checkups. I do not fear that the cancer will return because I am secure in my knowledge and have faith (and hard proof) in my lifestyle and routine. 


Sometimes I am asked how I managed to defeat cancer that had already advanced to stage 4. I tell them that I beat it using a raw food diet free of carbohydrates and sugar. The reaction to this is almost always the same: "Oh my God, then you aren’t allowed anything else? Are you still doing this?”

You are often told during chemotherapy (unfortunately) that you are allowed to eat everything during treatment because the body needs energy in order to endure the chemo.

But doctors failed to inform me of the following points:

  • Food like carbohydrate, sugar, etc., "feed" the cancer and "sabotage" the treatment. I was given foods like sweets, cakes, pudding, during my treatment. Fortunately, I do not have such a strong sweet tooth, but I can imagine that giving up sweets during treatment for someone who loves sugar could be very, very difficult.
  • According to my doctors, I was allowed to eat almost everything, but I could not do it from a certain point in time because the mucous membranes in the human body as well as cancer cells and hair belong to the "fast-dividing cells" and accordingly are destroyed first. A destroyed or no longer present oral mucous membrane can make even drinking water painful.
  • Apart from the dietary restrictions, I was able to do almost anything during the time of my second cancer diagnosis: go to concerts, do sports, even complete a running event. My quality of life was - despite the fact that I had cancer recurrence in the 4th stage - correspondingly extremely high.
  • I have only read the documentation on the planned double high doses of chemo, but I rejected them since this would have ravaged my body more than the first chemotherapy. I had an idea how my life at that time would have looked: no sports, nausea, pain, many lonely days spent in hospital rooms behind a surgical mask, blood transfusions, weeks in the hospital for an indefinite time, etc. Fun.
  • Bearing all these things in mind, I asked myself again with regards to such life-changing, drastic changes to my eating habits: "Can I endure this life change for at least 4-6 weeks?". Looking back at my experience with the first chemotherapy and with the expectation of a high dosage therapy I could answer this question for sure with "yes".
  • You must be honest with yourself first and foremost. It is a huge opportunity, the prospect of healing in this manner, but one must take it with absolute seriousness because it will most likely slide through your fingers if you are not 100% committed. As I said, you wouldn’t cheat at chemo, would you?

In addition to the leaving one’s comfort zone behind, there is a second extremely strong factor that can prevent one from getting involved in this path for 4-6 weeks: Fear.

There is the fear of being able to make a decision contrary to the advice of experts (doctors) which could go wrong and one must bear the responsibility for this decision.

It is much easier for us when a third party makes a decision for us. If this solution is not successful then at least a specialist has made a mistake, not you. The responsibility is therefore shifted away from you. But does it count in the end?

All too often, and frighteningly so, we willingly and quickly make such decisions about our lives without critical inquiries or independent thinking. Read all these pages with little tiny print? Too complicated. Find out if this really is the only solution? She/he is a professional. I’m sure they know what they’re talking about. I often wonder that when people are looking for a new mobile phone that perhaps they devote more hours of research to this, not always listening to the offers from the mobile phone seller (a professional).

It doesnt help to fall into hopelessness or continue asking "why". These are all normal reactions to the diagnosis. What helps is action, from both the body and the psyche!



THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT POINTS IN THIS PLAN. Also, it must be said that if a new device is too expensive for your budget, consider used appliances.

With a green smoothie comes extreme health benefits through the variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are available. However, the quality of the smoothie depends greatly on how it has been mixed. Because of their low power, household blenders do not break the cellulose of the plants.

The cellulose (fibers or supporting structure of the plants) contains a large number of vital substances. The body can only absorb these if they are broken. Without the mixing, the body would excrete the cellulose undigested as a dietary fiber, thus eliminating the vital substances.

A high-performance blender allows the body access to the proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements contained in the plants.

Of course, it is better to drink a smoothie that has been made with a household blender than nothing at all, but the potential of nutrients that a smoothie can provide to the body is best made available to the body when the smoothie is prepared with a high-performance blender.


We are used to feeding energy to our body in the form of carbohydrates: noodles, bread, rice, potatoes, etc. This form of energy is converted into sugar by the body and thus becomes a form of energy that can also be utilized by the cancer cells . Of course carbohydrates can not be completely avoided, but you can generally try to keep their intake as low as possible thus controlling your glycemic index. The glycemic index is a measure of the effect of carbohydrate-rich foods on the blood glucose level and should be kept as low as possible.


When energy is no longer supplied (or reduced significantly) with sugar or carbohydrates as a source, it must find a different source so that the body does not find use degradation of the muscles as a source.

 The focus here is on the absorption of vegetable fats. In contrast to healthy cells, cancer cells are only able to gain energy from lipocyte (fat) cells (see Warburg effect). In other words, any energy in the form of unprocessed natural fats can be used exclusively by the healthy cells for energy production. This occurs in the liver, which builds the so-called ketone bodies from fats, which can subsequently be utilized in the entire body - even in the brain - by the cell.


Since it is possible to safely consume many good fats, vegetable proteins represent a further part of the ketogenic diet. 

In contrast to fats, these can also be converted from the cancer cells to energy, but with significantly more effort than with sugars.

In addition, the body needs proteins. These are known as energy suppliers for muscles. But, proteins are much more than energy suppliers. Their building blocks, the amino acids, form the basis for the formation of body-specific proteins such as immune cells, hormones, nerve cells, etc., in addition to maintaining important cell functions. A balanced diet guarantees the supply of the body with essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself.


Even after a plant is picked or harvested, the metabolic processes in the plant continue. In an animal it is different. At the moment an animal is killed and thus the blood flow and nutrient supply cease, muscles and tissues begin to decompose and corresponding decay products are formed (e.g., cadaverine and putrescine).

In addition, meat, fish, milk, and eggs significantly increase the acid level in the body, which has a positive effect on cancer growth. This point can also be listed under the "pH" category.


This is all about pH value, one of the key factors of the Warburg effect. It is absolutely essential to forego all foods which will make PH values acidic. It also helps to develop at least a certain basic knowledge of pH foods and values. If it is too much at the beginning, it may help to print out a list of basic foods and / or a list of prohibited foods.

As a general rule:

  • Foods that taste sweet make acid.
  • Acidic foods (e.g., lemon) make base
  • Coffee: acid
  • Alcohol: acid
  • Carbonated beverages: acid
  • Meat: acid
  • Raw because in "dead cooked or boiled" vegetables many of the important enzymes, nutrients, and also vitamins are destroyed since the cell structures are cease to exist at temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celcius.

  • Green! Green vegetables contain a great deal of chlorophyll and often contain more bitter substances and little sugar at the same time.

  • Organic, because the microstructures in the plants that are are not organic are may or may not be healthy and thus useful.


About two-thirds of our bodies consist of water, something we all learn in school. The rest is a complicated mixture of water and chemical compounds. This mixture is found in tiny microscopic structures, the cells.

 Cells need three things to live: food, oxygen, and an aqueous environment that has the right mix of chemical substances. This is the only way they fulfill their tasks. Into this liquid environment, the cells also excrete waste materials. We consume some of the liquid we need, but water from food alone is not sufficient for the body.

Water is the most important means of transport for the cells in our body. It brings oxygen into the cells, collects the spent gases and transports them into the lungs so that they can be exhaled. In our body are about 13 billion cells embedded in water. In our cells, all the substances that enter are transformed and rearranged.


For this section, it may be necessary to invest in an expensive appliance, because not everyone has a blender. In the spirit of giving 100%, I recommend investing in a high-performance blender right from the start. If this is too expensive, look into good-quality used products.

With a green smoothie comes extreme health benefits through the variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are available. However, the quality of the smoothie depends greatly on how it has been mixed together. Because of their low power, household blenders do not break down the cellulose of plants.
The cellulose (fibers or supporting structure of the plants) contains a large number of vital substances. The body can only absorb these if they are broken. Without the mixing, the body would excrete the cellulose undigested as a dietary fiber, thus eliminating the vital substances.

A high-performance blender allows the body access to the proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements contained in the plants.
Of course, it is better to drink a smoothie that has been made with a household blender than nothing at all, but the potential of nutrients that a smoothie can provide to the body is best made available to the body when the smoothie is prepared with a high-performance blender.

PH value - Meaning and Regulation


In 1931, Otto H. Warburg received a Nobel Prize for his findings that cancer cannot survive in a basic environment. (Basic in regards to acids and bases.) These findings represent a core element of this path to healing.

But, as with many things in life, “too much” is just as harmful as “too little,” I have defined an exact pH window. This is between 7.5 and 8.2.

Since I had a very acid pH-value despite an extreme basic diet (and to this day still have), I take my pH measurements and regularly, several times a day.


In 2010, I was introduced to bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda, NAHCO3) for the first time. I became acquainted with a woman who was absolutely convinced of the universal application of NAHCO3. Even today, her words (which I initially took as a joke) ring in my ears "Kaisernatron (the German name for NAHCO3) - for and against everything". Reading the "small soda Bible" which is attached to every fifth pack, one actually gets the impression that perhaps this woman was right. (Of course, you cannot find anything about the relationship of NAHCO3 to cancer.)

Since I was fascinated and convinced by the research and findings of Otto H. Warburg, it was clear that NAHCO3 mixed with sugar cane molasses would create a “trojan horse" environment in my cells. (See also PET-CT).

The theme of "acid-bases" is fortunately increasing and included in treatments or the topic of "health". In contrast to the expensive "base products" which often contain a tremendous amount of lactose (sugar), NAHCO3 in powder form is reduced to the essential components and extremely cheap and available. I've found for myself that my body is extremely prone to become “sour”, even if I eat only base-heavy foods and follow my own rules.
If you increase your pH value over a longer period of time, you should pay attention to your liquid intake (water, tea), since there is a risk of forming urine or kidney stones due to reduced uric acid. And here, also, "too basic" is just as unhealthy as "too sour". The value should not exceed 8.2.


I test my pH levels daily with litmus strips purchased in the pharmacy. Using a color scale, you can see the value of the coloration that the paper indicates when it comes into contact with urine.

Usually, the pH is more acidic in the morning than in the evening.


One of the building blocks of my healing was the adequate supply of bitter substances. This is not so easy nowadays, because for taste reasons the bitter substances have been largely bred out from our vegetables. I started ingesting bitter apricot kernels. These contain the substance amygdalin - also called laesin or colloquially vitamin B17 (although it is not a vitamin). Rather, amygdalin is a splitting of the hydrobic acid which itself is not poisonous. However, during decomposition, it creates two toxic degradation products, benzaldehyde (which is only harmful in large doses) and cyanide (which is very poisonous even in very small doses). These two substances are often cited by people who classify an application of the nuclei as meaningless to dangerous to warn against the risk of damage to the body. I was concerned about finding a way to fight the cancer as gently as possible and I also faced with these arguments and dealt with them. Compared with the cell toxins of a chemotherapy, these arguments about toxins in bitter apricot kernels pale in comparison.

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. As with all health programs, natural or not, I strongly recommend consulting a healing practitioner.


For the sake of being thorough, I am going to address this point because it was part of my journey, but I urge you to follow the instructions and do everything at your own risk or under the supervision of a therapist.

I became aware of the existence of rizol oil in 2014 by a naturopath who assisted me tremendously in my path to healing.

Many, many diseases are promoted by germs, parasites, fermentation and rotting processes, and sometimes a disturbed intestinal environment.

I have also come across studies that deal with the fact that cancer is favored by a "parasitic non-equilibrium" and accordingly a similar environment is preferred for growth: low-oxygen and acidic in pH.

Rizol oil finds in alternative healing methods various fields of application:

  • Chronic infections caused by a weakened immune system
  • Various skin diseases (skin / nail fungus, psoriasis, neurodermatitis)
  • Parasite infestation (diseases of the limbs, imbalance in the intestinal environment, etc.)
  • Various fungal diseases

Many of the diseases listed here are similar to cancer in the "basic conditions" (e.g., to acidic (intestinal) pH, oxygen-deficient environment) and potentiating factors (sugar-rich diet).

Oxygen is essential for our (healthy) cells and organisms and their metabolic processes. The use of rizol oil is intended to increase the oxygen saturation in the body. This is done by so-called ozonides which are made from unsaturated, fatty oils such as castor oil or olive oil (Riz + Ol = Rizol) and ozone from oxygen. The ozonide deprives the organism of bacteria, fungi and germs that require little oxygen.

It is not so long ago that man has made use of the power of the plants to cure inflammations, to disinfect wounds or the like. Rizol oil also played an important role in the discovery of antibiotics.

Each ingredient of rizol oil has a different effect:

Wormwood: Bitter substances help to prevent digestive disorders, stimulate the appetite and are particularly healthy for the liver.

Cloves: antiseptic and aromatic.

Walnut: Bitter and has a "purifying" effect.

Toxins released during rizol therapy must be excreted. In this case, chlorella algentate tablets help to bind and divert these toxins.

It can be useful to support this excretion via kidneys and liver.

**Rizol oil therapy is effective but not harmless. Overdose may cause severe reactions.**

Always follow the instructions for use and dosage. It is important to know that the pure oil is not suitable for internal use! It is necessary to drip the oil into a glass and pour in water to form a milky liquid. The oil should start with a drop and slowly be increases, otherwise it can lead to severe headaches and diarrhea.

**It is, however, not advisable to carry out self-treatment. The tolerance, dosage, and the appropriate rizol should be prescribed by a health professional.**

I received the dosage instructions as a first-time treatment (before chemotherapy) by a curative practitioner and subsequently used it independently (on the second cancer) on the basis of my research. I am describing my own experiences, and I strongly recommend to consult a curative practitioner to help.

**If you decide against this and take the dosage from my experience report, you do so expressly at your own risk!**

Please keep in mind that I do not want to give any recommendations regarding the oil dosage.


The chlorella algae is a single-cell, very complex microorganism with ahigh chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is very similar to the chemical structure of our blood hemoglobin and occupies an important position in the nutrient supply of our blood. Plants need sunlight and time for the formation of chlorophyll. Because much of our food is grown in a greenhouse (thus, as quickly as possible) the chlorophyll content in vegetables we can buy at the supermarket is often much lower than if we to harvest vegetables ourselves.

Chlorophyll also increases the protection as well as the regenerative capacity of our body cells, resulting in a longer life span.

The antioxidant powers of chlorophyll protect our bodies by binding together free radicals. This protects against inflammation processes and can counteract the degeneration of cells (cancer). 

By taking chlorophyll, toxins are bound in the body and can then be excreted through the intestine in the process of bowel movements, thus preventing the storage of toxins that are detrimental to the detox system in the body.

Chlorella algae:

  • stimulates the formation of red blood cells
  • increases the oxygen content in the blood and improves cell respiration
  • protects the cells
  • supports healing processes in the body

Movement, relaxation, sleep and breathing


Movement is important because it affects many processes in our body. It stimulates the metabolism and thus the lymph flow, which helps in efficient transport of toxins and waste products to the appropriate excretory organs. Also, movement and the associated deeper breathing causes our body to be better oxygenated.

Like everything, movement is only a puzzle piece of a greater whole. The aim of the whole plan is to deacidify the body. Sufficient motion helps the body in this process when the movement aerobic area (in oxygen excess) takes place (without sore muscles = hyperacidity).

Activity should correspond to the individual fitness or training condition. A good indicator of an appropriate burden is when you have enough breath in any kind of physical activity that you can easily continue.

Daily activity helps your body with deacidification and the reduction of stress hormones while at the same time facilitates distribution of happiness hormone (endorphins).


One of the easiest relaxing exercises is breathing meditation. This is about being aware of your breath and concentrating fully on inhaling and exhaling.

Ideally, a quiet place in fresh air outside is the best place to experience breathing meditation, but in the office, on the train, or in the living room can work as well. As long as you have the opportunity to sit upright and close your eyes and focus on yourself and forget the world, even for a little while.

Be more mindful. Try to feel your body and take things you see, smell or taste more consciously. Is it possible to organize your life differently and thereby slow down?

Stress is a factor that affects our health at many levels. How do you deal with stress?


Modern life has become hectic, noisy, and jam-packed with activity. It begins in childhood, where many high school students have lives that are so full of studying, learning, and activity that they mirror the lives of people who have a 40 hour work week.

Time cannot be stopped and sleep is often not seen as a high priority. Developed countries value the “busy-ness” and we look with envy upon over-productivity.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zulley from the University of Regensburg was able to scientifically substantiate connections between sleep and biological rhythms.

His research provide results that people who have poor and / or irregular sleep patterns are more prone to chronic diseases such as hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, and psychological disorders such as depression. Many metabolic processes that are important for cell regeneration occur during sleep. The body comes to rest, heartbeat and breathing slow down. In sleep, the body produces the most growth hormones that the body needs for cell renewal. It is precisely this cell renewal that must be supported so that the body can dispose of defective cells and produce new ones.

As an optimal environment, Zulley describes a quiet, slightly cool room with fresh air supply, a mattress adapted to the body (weight), and a blanket corresponding to the season.

In general, one should observe the rules of sleep hygiene.

According to a study, quiet music should positively support the falling asleep process, since heart and breathing frequencies are reduced by appropriately quiet tones. Phones, TV, all screens off. Rest….let your body heal.