The main focus of this page is the topic of nutrition. The basic idea here is relatively simple: the food should be:

  • - vegan
  • - raw (not heated above 41* degrees Celcius)
  • - low in carbohydrate
  • - low sugar / sugar free
  • - unprocessed as much as possible
  • - high-quality (organic, self-cultivated, etc.)
  • - fat rich (vegetable fat)
  • - protein rich (vegetable protein)

Our foods should be curative, our remedies foods.

If you fill your refrigerator under these conditions, lots of (green) vegetables will become a main staple. Since a varied, high-quality food diet is almost automatically guaranteed with so many vegetables, all vitamins, minerals, etc. are consumed in sufficient quantity. With simple preparation you receive only the pure value of the ingredients which are, specifically:

Vegetable fat, vegetable protein, water, carbohydrates and sugar.

In addition, you will find in both the ingredients and the recipe list, with a few exceptions, food which is sensible and good (or at least not counterproductive) if you choose this path.

Since some recipe requires some sweetness, you still encounter "sweet" from time to time.

Please always use this sweetness in moderation (see menu item "Why you should know Otto Warburg") and note that all processed ingredients (broth, syrup, etc.) are always homemade.

Help your body by giving it things that boost the healthy cells, and keep cancer cells from gaining as little energy as possible!

I encourage you to take this journey, and I know that there will be much opposition. The discipline to leave your comfort zone for a time will be worth it, especially the great feeling when you experience positive results.

Please always act with heart and mind. Even if you feel good, have medical checks regularly and carry a file with all results of blood tests, medical records, etc. AKeeping a diary can be very helpful because sometimes it’s hard to notice small changes. I will offer you the possibility to do so in the long term on this site.