Just over 100 years ago, Otto Heinrich Warburg presented this research on his theories: all cancer cells have the hunger for sugar as a lowest common denominator and cancer cells survive poorly when they are in an oxygen-saturated environment. In his experiments, Warburg researched why cancer cells can not obtain energy from the combustion of oxygen, but from the fermentation of sugar to lactic acid.

This research was (and still is) being heavily debated. I personally have little or no reason to doubt these findings because I have put them into practice, and this consistent application has brought on desired success.

A ketogenic diet aims to strengthen the healthy cells of the body and to starve the cancer cells at the same time. This happens because in the ketogenic diet, carbohydrate and sugar are avoided as much as possible, and fat and proteins are instead made available to the body as energy suppliers.

The reason behind this is that it is possible to detect certain gene mutations in all 230 cancer species. While healthy cells in the mitochondria gain energy through the combustion of oxygen, these mitochondria are defective in cancer cells. They cannot generate energy from the oxygen combustion, but only from the fermentation of sugar.

A healthy cell gains energy by burning the dissolved sugar in the blood with the help of oxygen in the mitochondria. If no sugar is available as fast energy, this healthy cell is also able to access other "fuels" like cellular proteins and fats in the context of cellular respiration. If sugar and starch are avoided and the body is given sufficient fats, the liver produces so-called "ketones", which are utilized extremely efficiently by the majority of the (healthy) cells in the course of the cell respiration.

Cancer cells have no cell respiration due to the defective mitochondria and are dependent on the supply of sugar in order to grow, since fats cannot be fermented at all and proteins can not be as efficient as sugar.

The more aggressive the cancer, the faster its cell division, the faster it grows and the greater its sugar starvation. As a result, the cancer "kills" the healthy cells of massive sugars and metabolizes them many times more than healthy cells.

For purposes of imaging, medicine makes use of this in the context of PET-CTs. Please also read the article about Otto Heinrich Warburg.

Since the body needs energy to live, a simple starvation of cancer by fasting makes sense. On the basis of the findings, which foodstuffs can be particularly well or badly metabolized by healthy or diseased cells, you can influence the healthy cells or the cancer cells with discipline and a clever nutritional plan.

Many books on this subject include animal proteins in the ketogenic diet. However, since animal products can cause inflammation and adversely affect the acid-base balance, and the intestine is more heavily contaminated by animal proteins than by vegetable protein sources, it is my opinion that the already ravaged body can benefit greatly from an herbal, ketogenic diet.

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