"Independent thinking is identified when a person collects information from as many different sources as possible, comparing one idea with another, thus drawing his or her own conclusions, some of which may differ from the original source."- Author unknown

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On this site, I would like to describe a path that I have chosen and give you the courage to give this particular path an educated chance. I chose this alternative because I did not want to subject my body to a second round of chemotherapy, the consequences of which are irreversible.

This page is intended to aid in healthy living, but also to combat disease and how to face life and its trials armed with tools that are different from the medical norm.

If you have learned from a young age to do things a certain way, it is often difficult to break away from these long-learned habits. Far too often, one makes decisions for his or her life with information from a third party whose consequences must be borne only by him or herself. With cornerstones of our very existence such as nutrition, sleep, and the handling of stress, there are strangely few things in our lives that we generally treat with such little responsibility. When our body sends signals that we can no longer tolerate and compensate for our habits, only then do we take “responsibility”, often in the form of prescribed medication to suppress symptoms (or potential warning signs) of our bodies, just so we can continue in our habits leading unhealthy, unchanged lives.

A core element of my path is a sugar-free, raw-vegan diet based on the studies of Otto Warburg. However, the body alone cannot restore itself and, in my opinion, a holistic perspective is essential for
long-term healing and curative restoration. Ask yourself: With what am I feeding my body? Am I sufficiently physically active? Do I allow my body to recover from the stress of everyday life?

I would like to invite you to explore a solution that leaves the stress of a hectic life behind, a way to create an awareness through high quality healthy eating, deceleration, relaxation and mindfulness. This is a chance for you to stop and listen to yourself.

They say that insanity is when you take the same actions over and again in the same manner and expect different results. I invite you to put your life under a magnifying glass - and thus into your own hands.

Käthe Golücke

left: cancer diagnosis 1: after 5 months of chemotherapy
right: cancer diagnosis 2: after 5 months diet change