Why you should know Otto Heinrich Warburg

PET-CT, pH-Value, Cancer, Otto Warburg (Warburg effect), Oxigen, Sugar, Nobel Prize 1931

Why is the PET-CT used by many physicians for diagnosing cancer, but not its inventor? Why is his research into the contexts of sugar, PH value and its relationship to cancer, and his thesis known as the "Warburg effect" not just as known as his invention of the PET CT?

In German, we have a saying that goes, “etwas sauer macht.” It means literally “to make something sour.”

This meaning transferable to the idea of health and cancer, not only because the consumption of certain foods make the body “sour”, but also smoking, alcohol, stress, and anger.

As I was consulting "Dr. Google", one man kept appearing in my readings. Amongst all the general knowledge of the average Internet user, the basis for my newly developing healing was the research from a sensational man: Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970).

Otto H. Warburg contributed significantly to the research of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, photosynthesis and metabolism in malignant tumors (cancer).

His discovery that a large number of malignant tumors show increased sugar metabolism was the basis for the development of a diagnostic imaging method, the positron emission tomography (PET), in the 1970s.

Interestingly, in cancer patients, a PET CT is established relatively regularly to control the metabolic activity (cancer), but the inventor of this method, his research results, and even the fact that he won a Nobel Prize is not known to many oncologists.

In further studies, Otto Warburg discovered that healthy cells gain energy from combustion and fermentation. However, cancer cells are produced exclusively by the fermentation of glucose, which means that the cancer cells have an extremely high lactate concentration. The environment becomes acidic.

Otto Warburg took this deduction and investigated cases to find out which conditions would have to be in place in order for cancer to find growth and survival conditions. His research result was that an oxygen saturated, slightly basic environment literally takes the air out of the life of cancer cells.

The research of Otto Warburg made biochemical sense to me, so I developed a plan to make the life of cancer as difficult as possible and at the same time to strengthen my own body with sufficient energy.

The result was a strict nutrition plan with high-quality raw green vegetables (not all organic is equal). I also used a "trojan horse" of sugar cane molasses and bicarbonate of soda with a PET CT and extreme mindfulness over my life .

Avoiding stress that over-acidifies the PH value, movement in fresh air to provide the body with adequate oxygen supply, sleep hygiene in conjunction with sufficient sleep, in which the body has the opportunity to repair defective cells, renew and dispose of the old, these are all part of my new plan and new life, thanks to Otto Warburg.

I hope that Otto Warburg and his research results will at some point be given the attention they deserve, for often it is the simple things which have the greatest effect and achieve the best result.

You can find reports about this pioneer of cancer research, for example here.

Commentary on the video "Succulent Cancer": This shows that Western medicine is slowly becoming more open towards solutions apart from chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. In two respects, I hold a differing opinion than that of in the video:

Protein and fat should be added to the body purely vegetable and unprocessed. The reasons for this can be found in the section "Why vegan?".

The video talks about a study in which the patients are keto-cooked. In my view one should take the nutrients raw and not "dead-boiled". Reasons for this are in "Why raw food?".